Dietmar W. Hutmacher
Dietmar W. Hutmacher, PhD (NUS), MBA (Henley)
Distinguished Professor
Director ARC Centre in Additive Biomanufacturing,
QUT Chair in Regenerative Medicine,
Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation,
Queensland University of Technology,
60 Musk Avenue, Kelvin Grove, QLD 4059.
Phone: 07 3138 6077
Fax: 07 3138 6030
International: +617 3138 6077


Professor Hutmacher's track record shows a career-long ability to undertake ground-breaking research. He is a multidisciplinary engineer, an educator, an inventor, and a creator of new intellectual property and commercial opportunities. As a reflection of his pioneering ethos, his recent research efforts have resulted in traditional scientific/academic outputs as well as pivotal commercialisation outcomes. Professor Hutmacher's ground-breaking academic contributions are evidenced by regular invitations to write review articles for top tier journals and by sponsored invitations to present research as a plenary/key note speaker at more than 70 national and international conferences over the past 15 years. His pre-eminent international standing and impact is illustrated by his publication record (more than 260 journal articles edited 14 books, 45 book chapters and more than 500 conference abstracts) and citation record (Scopus: more than 21.400 citations, h-index of 70).


An integrated design and fabrication platform for engineering biomechanically and biologically functional soft tissues

The majority of soft biological materials can be defined as hydrated gel-like substances embedded within a fibrous framework. Owing to their distinctive fibre architecture and matrix composition, each soft tissue exhibits unique biomechanical and biological properties. In this communication, we describe a new concept to facilitate the translation of the pronounced features of soft tissues into functional tissue engineered constructs. We combine additively manufactured fibres based on the distinctive motives of nature's collagen fibrils with a hybrid interpenetrating polymer network (IPN) system designed to mimic natural extracellular matrices (ECMs). The resulting bioinspired soft network composites are biocompatible and exhibit J-shaped non-linearity, viscoelasticity, anisotropy, strain-rate dependency and stress-relaxation resembling the mechanical behaviours of soft biological tissues. Specifically, we demonstrate that our soft network composite model is flexible yet ~125 times stronger (E = 3.19 MPa) and ~100 times tougher (WExt = ~2000 kJ m-3) than its hydrogel alone counterpart.

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